Asian Antiquities

The ancien Buddhist and Hindu statues, cult and ritual objects from Asian countries -India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma- imprinted with millenia-old wisdom, are selected very precisely for their beauty, their authenticity and their radiance.

The ancient sculptures representing Buddha and Gods of the Hindu pantheon, at first made for temples or private altars, have been the object of cults and rituals for centuries. Whether they be in wood, stone, bronze or alabaster they were made according to a very specific and precise iconography (in terms of posture, attributes,…).Having acquired a patina with years, they are permeated by the environment in which they dwelled, and by the attention they received.

Each piece, by its beauty and its power, thus has the potential to come and touch us and our 21st century European lives in our most universal aspirations.

Come and see a beautiful selection of Asian antiquities in the Asian Antiquity Store of La-Roche-Posay (86270), France. Open Wednesday through Saturday, 3pm-6pm and by appointment with me at +33-670-34-27-04.

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